mconnect-io — converse with a line-protocol network server.




mconnect-io is a UCSPI-TCP/UCSPI-SSL client program that enables UNIX convention tools to have a conversation with a network server that speaks an Internet line-based protocol with CR+LF newlines. It is the internal workhorse of mconnect(1). It expects to be run via a program such as tcpclient(1) which makes the network connection to the server and sets up UCSPI environment variables.

Everything that it receives from its standard input, it sends to the network server, adding a CR at the end of every line (as if by addcr(1)). Everything that it receives from the network server, it sends to its standard output.


mconnect-io was originally part of Daniel J. Bernstein's ucspi-tcp toolset in 1999.


Original code and documentation by Daniel J. Bernstein. Documentation modernizations by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard.