The nosh roadmap

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What is already here

To put the future into perspective, some of the things that are already done in nosh that were once in the future:

To-Do items

FreeBSD /etc/rc.d conversion

In nosh version 1.9 I announced my on-going effort to provide workalikes or replacements for the 157 things that one can find in /etc/rc.d/ on FreeBSD. Some TrueOS items from /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ have since been added to that conversion plan. Enough have already been done that it has been possible for quite some time to run an entirely nosh-managed FreeBSD or TrueOS system, and indeed I have been. The status as of nosh version 1.33 is as follows:

Please feel free to write further service bundles. The idea is to have as complete a service bundle set as we can. If you can provide and run a repository for service bundles for the world to use and to add to, I encourage you to do so. If you can persuade software vendors to ship service bundles in their packages, I encourage that too.

/usr/lib to /lib

Please join me in asking the BSDs to put clang's C++ runtime library, libc++, in the right place. Currently it lives in /usr/lib, which isn't guaranteed available at system initialization time. To make lives a lot easier, it should live in /lib, where the C runtime library already does.

Then the binaries that are statically linked no longer have to be.

Wishlist items

These are some of the various items that it would be good to do:

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