dnsqrx — query a proxy DNS server using the DNS protocol


dnsqrx {t} {fqdn} {s}


dnsqrx looks up resource records of type t for fqdn by making a Domain Name System request to a proxy DNS server at s. It prints the results in a human-readable format, more compact than the dig(1) output format.

It expects to query a proxy DNS server, and the request is marked as recursive. t may be a name or a number. Currently recognized names are: any, a, ns, mx, ptr, txt, cname, soa, hinfo, rp, sig, key, aaaa, axfr, and srv.

See also


a similar tool that makes requests to the locally configured proxy DNS server


a similar tool that makes requests to content DNS servers


a tool that makes direct queries against a content DNS server's database


dnsqrx was an addition to Daniel J. Bernstein's djbdns toolset by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard.


Original code and documentation by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard.